Pallet Safe

Series 90C Steel Pallet Cages


The Series 90C Pallet Range is proudly Australian made, owned and fully-certified with over 40 years of proven design and durability. They provide increased storage, added security, a safer working environment, less manual handling, and a more environmentally friendly method of commercial and warehouse storage.

The Series 90C Pallet Range provides an array of options for your unique storage needs, whether you require a simple stillage or the added security and ease of access with mesh, sheet or customisable gates. All Series 90C Pallets are stackable and rackable with eachother using skids, stacking angles and racking cleats, corrosion-resistant with pre-galvanised parts and protected welds, and designed to maximise space efficiency in transit.

Capacity: Each pallet carries an evenly distributed load of 1000 Kg

Stacking: Four high under load, static in warehouse and two high under load on road transport

Note: Above capacities and stacking are relative to JNI Pallet Systems ‘Series 90’ only and should not be stacked with any other products or systems.

Series 90C Pallet Range Technical Manual

Pallet Safe


Can be stacked with other series 90 Pallets fully loaded static 4 pallets high using the stacking angles and skids.


Space-saving and cost-effective with pallets engineered to safely carry a full load while stacked 2 high in freight.


Easier access to goods and added flexibility for placement in the warehouse with the ability to be moved with a forklift.

Safe Working Load

Certified and Engineered to safely carry an evenly distributed 1000kg load.