Shepherd Security Key Cabinet


The Guardian Angel® Shepherd keeps keys safe day and night

The Guardian Angel range keeps keys safe from opportunistic, daylight robbery, and premeditated night-time theft.

Designed for frequency in daily use, the unique anti-attack features include the patented ‘monkey grip’ anti-breach ingenuity, ‘daytime digital’, and after-hours locking. So, unlike other cabinets, a Guardian Angel is your complete key management system.


Height 625mm
Width 545mm
Depth 230mm
Mass 45kg


  • Up to 120 keys secured in a single cabinet (subject to available space in cabinet)
  • Door and body – crafted from 3mm security steel, resisting distortion and forced entry
  • Staff-digital-locking – allows quick, frequent access during office hours
  • After-hours – keylock ensures users get access but you have control
  • Door-ajar – alarm sounds after 50 seconds of the door not properly closed
  • ‘T’ slot panels – for easy transport and in-field use
  • 3 x 30 T slots to a panel as standard
  • Optional: Space for an additional 1 x 30 T Slot 

Guardian Angel Shepherd Technical Manual

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