Class 5.1 Oxidising Agent Storage Cabinets


Trafalgar Safety’s Oxidising Agent Storage Cabinets are proudly made in Australia and come in a range of sizes. Trafalgar Oxidising Cabinets are built in accordance with Australian Standards and comply with AS 4326-2008.

Storage of dangerous substances in the workplace is governed by standards and regulations designed to limit the risk of fire and explosion associated with these substances. Compliance is mandatory under legislation in all states and territories.

Suitable for safe storage of:

Oxidising agents as defined in the Australian Dangerous Goods code.

Cabinets used for storage of oxidising agents shall not be used for storage of other materials. Where more than one oxidising agent is stored in a cabinet, the oxidising agents shall be compatible.

Class 5.1 Oxidising Agent Storage Cabinets Technical Manual

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