Custom Site Box: Case Study

Custom Site Box: Case Study | 03

 At Trafalgar Safety, we proudly make our products right here in our Sydney factory. Australian Made manufacturing  means that the products are made to meet Australian standards and Australian conditions. We understand our customers and can customise our products to meet their needs. In this case study, we created a custom site box for one of our customers.

Australian Made Logo

The Customer

Jonesy says “We have always used [STORE SAFE Site Boxes] at work so I know it’s great. When it came to storing my tools at home, it was a no brainer; tough, anti-theft and even better, Australian Made.

“When I rang and spoke to Jac and told her my favourite colour is blue, she said you could do my tool box in blue, so I ordered it. I knew you could do custom because the ones at work are red, but I didn’t know you would customise just one.”

What did we do?

The Trafalgar Manufacturing division accepted the custom site box challenge. They successfully powder coasted the STORE SAFE site box the unique wedgewood blue shade for Jonesy.

Case Study : Custom Site box
  • SS-S120-Custom

1200 x 850 x 750mm

  • Anti-theft
  • Fully welded 2mm steel
  • Internal heavy duty hinges
  • High tensile steel locking rods
  • Registered Bilock key lock
  • All weather design
  • Powder coat finish
  • Storage shelf
  • Heavy Duty Casters